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1. Observe whether the hardness of the ceramic rod meets the standard, and compare it with the preset data in a specific way. If the error is too large, it will be judged as unqualified. 2. At the same time, the thermal conductivity, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the ceramic rod were measured. 3. The chemical stability of ceramic rods also needs to be measured in order to cope with special conditions, such as high or low temperature environment.

The service life of zirconia ball is 30-50 times that of glass bead. Compared with other grinding consumables, zirconia ball has high grinding efficiency, which can be used for grinding and grinding in paint, ink, coating, paper making, electronic materials, solar cells, non-metallic minerals, pigments, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, zirconia, silicon oxide, zirconium silicate, titanium dioxide, pigments, dyes, special chemicals and other industries Zirconia spheres are ideal substitutes for composite zirconia beads.

The characteristics and testing methods of zirconia ceramic rod are as follows Zirconia ceramic rod is one of the best industrial ceramics because of its excellent properties. In addition, it has the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance, good toughness, small friction coefficient and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in various industries, such as ceramic center bar, ceramic needle gauge plug, ceramic tube sleeve, ceramic roller, etc. it has been widely used in medical food ceramics, electronic and electrical ceramics, lithium battery ceramic pump and other industries.

Methods for prolonging service life of zirconia ceramic rod: The surface temperature should not be too high, the voltage should be adjusted timely to avoid overload. In addition, the ceramic rod should be kept dry and dry when it is stored. The service life of the ceramic rod can be prolonged by correctly using various structural types and precision in use, so as to play its value and role for a long time

The sputtering target mainly includes the refining, production target, sputtering and terminal application of the whole industrial chain metal. The target production and sputtering are the sputtering targets in the chain. sputtering target can be divided into : (1) metal target (pure metal target, copper, tantalum, titanium, aluminum, etc .) (2) alloy target (nickel-chromium alloy, nickel-cobalt alloy, etc .) (3)セラミック compound material (sulfides, sulfides, etc.)

Alumina ceramic ring has the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and then it is formed by dry pressing, grouting, hot pressing and static pressing, which is helpful to eliminate micro pores. It is widely used in mechanical seals, ball milling media, cutting tools, ceramic bearings, automobile engine parts, paper machine dehydration equipment, etc.

Alumina ceramic terminal has the characteristics of insulation, shock resistance, high and low temperature resistance, so it is not easy to deform, the surface will not shrink and crack at the same time, and it can achieve the effect of dust prevention and waterproof. Ceramic terminals are commonly used in sockets for mechanical, electrical, chemical and special industries.

Alumina ceramic gasket has the characteristics of tough texture and strong wind erosion resistance, and is commonly used in construction, machinery and other fields. On the one hand, it has low heat storage, high thermal shock resistance, direct contact with flame, high safety performance; on the other hand, it has seamless gap pressure resistance, good sound absorption effect and long service life.

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