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Company mission

Gravel Industries & Investment (Dongguan) and Gravel Enterprise (Hong Kong) were established in the year 2009. The corporation teams have been devoting their professional experience to overseas and domestic customers with the good quality controlled products and the best service before and after-sales. The products and service are:

l         The High Purity and Differnt Shape Precious Metal/ Alloy/ Ceramic of Vacuum Sputtering Target;

l         High Purity of Differnent Elements Evaporation Pellets, and Different Material Crucibles;

l         Precision Molding and Machining Industrial Ceramic Components and Different Shape of Ceramic Materials, and Lithium Battery Insulation Ceramic Rings;

l         Plastic Injection Mold Design and Build, and Plastic Parts Injection and Post Surface Treatment, Zamak Mold Design and Build and Zamak Parts Moulding;

l         Customized Hard Alloy and Parts, and all Kinds of Metal Precision Machining Components, inclulding Backing Plate for Supperting. 

Company Vision

Customer orientation, Customer satisfaction, in quality of products are most of company concerns. Fully implementation of ISO9001 quality management system to constantly create value for customer employees and society. 



More links

Gravel official website 1: http://www.gravel-cn.com/

Gravel official website 2: http://www.lishidg.com/

Gravel official website 3: http://www.dglsshi.cn/product-index.html

Alibaba gravel store: https://lishidg.1688.com/? SPM =

Gravel search shop: https://23863709.912688.com/? SPM = p201905.vshopproduct.topmenu.cc52604c-cba7-4df4-825f-fd39fb00fb24

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