Human Resources

Network sales specialist

Dongguan | 1 year experience | College | 2 people |

Job information

Academic qualifications:

1. College degree or above, with basic knowledge of industrial ceramic materials, special metal materials and precision processing;

2. Have similar sales work experience;

3, familiar with network-related operations have online sales programs;

4. Received relevant e-commerce training;


1. Carefully release and maintain the company website and online store every day;

2. Collect demand information and provide quotation in time;

3. Calculate sales demand information by week and report it;

4. Assisting other departments in the import and export of goods and commodities;

Manager assistant/secretary

Dongguan | 1 year experience | College | 1 person |

Job Responsibilities

1. A potential staff position to assist the superior to promote and participate in the daily assignment of tasks;

2. Provide secretarial services directly to the general manager;

3, can handle emergencies independently, or can take the initiative to deal with some urgent matters when the boss is absent;

4. Communicate and coordinate with the responsible personnel of other departments to complete the work objectives and requirements put forward by the supervisor;

5. Determine and arrange the meeting time, be responsible for the release and storage of meeting materials and the collation and archiving of business documents;

6. Participate in the daily financial, administrative work and management of the company;

7. Complete other transactional work assigned by the superior.


1. College degree or above in public relations, administration, business management, finance, etc.;

2, patient, willing to undertake cumbersome work, more than one year of managerial assistant work experience or work experience in this field is preferred;

3. The knowledge structure is comprehensive, with rich management experience, knowledge of legal and financial knowledge, and quick knowledge of various knowledge related to the company's business;

4. Strong organizational, coordination, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills, and keen insight, with strong judgment and decision-making ability, planning and execution capabilities;

5, good teamwork spirit, honest and reliable, good conduct;

6, skilled use of office software.

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